About Us


West Point Physical Therapy provides quality services to health care firms, insurers, corporations of all sizes, and individuals both locally and nationally. West Point services has several contracts on local level encompassing HMO’s, PPO’s, insurance companies, private industry, and government. Through the use of sound management practices, West Point has grown from renting a single suite with 3 employees in 1992 to having over 55 employees in the United States and 10 others in Mexico. In less than 20 years West Point has expanded internationally and has successfully treated well over 100,000 patients to their full satisfaction. The range of services we can provide includes Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapies, Aquatic therapy, Pre-employment testing, and Ergonomics assessments (office and industrial).

As rehabilitation services, West Point concentrates on providing care to individuals in non-institutional settings. It is our premise that recovery from injury, illness, and surgery is quicker and safer at one of our centers where our professionals can provide one to one supervision and the intensive rehabilitation necessary for a prompt recovery.


We hope you’ll chose us as many others have done in the past!