“The physical therapy was very helpful, everyone here has helped me get back to my full potential in no time at all. The massages were extremely good and the exercises couldn’t have been better.” -S. M.



“All staff and therapists are very kind, attentive and friendly. Thank you.” -L. L.


“When I came through the door I always get greeted with smiles and great sense of humor. The receptionist seems to get me into a better mood always smiling and therapy staff gives the best massages. The occupational therapist has given me all new and great exercises that make me feel confident in returning to work with little to no restrictions as soon as my M.D allows me to return to my normal duties! Thank you West Point Physical Therapy Center for everything that I have accomplished and for the new friends I have made through my therapy experience.”-S.B.


“It has been a pleasure to have been a patient here the staff is as professional as it gets from the front desk to the back office. Thanks for all your help.”-J. K.


“I was extremely satisfied with the therapists. I liked the exercise I was givshutterstock_16988611en by the therapist. I also liked the other staff members that helped with my treatment. The receptionists were very helpful and friendly.”-M. M.


“Keep it up and thanks for your support.”-R. S.


“Everyone in the office is very helpful. I came in with moderate shoulder pain and once my PT was completed I am not in anymore pain. Great People.”-D. J.


“Usually it made me feel uncomfortable going to PT or OT. But, coming to West Point with the excellent staff and therapists are a great blessing. It is heart breaking to know when therapy is done. I would want to stay longer.”-E. G .


“Entire staff: both in reception and the actual therapist are wonderful. All of them are extremely courteous and encouraging at all times.”-R. S .



“The O.T. department is excellent they really paid attention to where I hurt. O.T tech is very attentive always checking on me. She really focuses on helping patients heal. The O.T also takes the time to explain things; he challenges but listens to ensure there aren’t any other issues. Both are awesome and I really felt they were there to help. I hope they both get the acknowledgement they deserve. If needed I would definitely come back.”-S. Y .